R.J. Barrett: Shot Form Assessment


Barrett has some of the cleanest shooting mechanics in this draft class. His base is almost always square, or very close to it. He has no issues whatsoever with elbow flare, his guide hand or his extension. His elbow angle is usually square, but drifts into the slightly acute range fairly often. This is merely a minor issue with little impact, however. The only real flaws with his shooting form are related to his release. He flexes his wrist roughly two-thirds of the time, which causes a tendency to miss long. The split of ‘good wrist’ shots versus ‘bad wrist’ shots reveals a noticeable difference, with significantly more makes (40% vs 30%) and better distance control (54% center vs 42%). Further, an inside-out motion on the followthrough with his shooting arm and hand likely contributes to his propensity to miss left.