Nassir Little: Tools

Our scouting grades represent the composite opinion of at least three different scouts. Each category is graded based on how we view a player’s current ability level relative to NBA players at the same position (guard, wing, forward or big). A grade of 1 indicates replacement level, a grade of 5 indicates NBA average, and a grade of 10 indicates historically elite. Our composite scouting notes help provide context for our grades.


Speed (north-south)

Little has solid speed for a wing. He can move up and down the floor in Carolina’s up tempo without issue, but he also isn't streaking ahead of the pack. He doesn't have tremendous end-to-end speed with the ball in his hands, but can still pull the ball off the rim and push it ahead from time to time. Because he lacks burst, his value will likely come from working off movement which can get him some traction moving downhill and in transition as a finisher.


Agility (east-west)

Little is either a very agile big man or a wing with average agility. He gets blown by on switches when guarding quicker guards but generally can move his feet and stay in front of wings and bigs. Another area which seems to be impacted by his weight gain, Little's quickness will improve if he can slim down by 10 or 15 pounds. Such improvement will allow him to switch on to smaller guards more regularly.



Little is a strong leaper off two feet, but only average when launching off one. He can get high on both offense (with the ball in his hands) and defense (skying for rebounds) but needs to load to get to his apogee. His second jump ability is a slower than it should be because he has to load again once he hits the ground. But he does have a strong core and doesn't get pushed of his spot while leaping, important areas to consider when rebounding in traffic.


Body control

Little’s strength allows him to contort his body in traffic, absorb contact, and finish. He does not show the same level of body control in space, specifically when creating off the dribble and on defense. His movement often looks clunky when closing out or trying to beat his man off the dribble.



Little has an ideal NBA big wing frame with good core strength and strong arms. This will allow him to compete physically with the league’s elite combo forwards right away. He could even potentially add ten more pounds without sacrificing his fluidity considering his well-built stature, but could also slim down without sacrificing his core strength.