Kevin Porter Jr: Background

Background bullet points:

  • Hometown: Seattle, WA

    • JUST LIKE: Brandon Roy, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Kurt Cobain, Dave Matthews, Bing Crosby, Jimi Hendrix

  • High School: Rainier Beach High School

    • JUST LIKE: Jamal Crawford, Dejounte Murray, Doug Christie, Nate Robinson

  • Paying Tribute

    • Porter’s father, Kevin Porter Sr., was shot and killed while trying to help someone being attacked. His son, four at the time, followed his father’s legacy to Rainier High School. He has said multiple times that he plays basketball to honor his father, himself a basketball player at Rainier.

  • Father Figure

    • Like many young Seattle ballers, local legend and immortal NBA guard Jamal Crawford took Porter under his wing and has mentored him since high school

  • State of Mind

    • KPJ was named Washington Mr. Basketball in 2018, one year after Michael Porter Jr. (no relation) won the same honor. Other recent winners include Dejounte Murray, Zach LaVine, Joe Harris and Peyton Siva.

  • Seattle style

    • Seattle basketball requires a dog mentality, Porter told ESPN. Whenever you step on the court, don’t let that person get past you, just dog ‘em.

  • Sleeping on Seattle

    • Porter said the entire country is sleeping on the Northwest. Now that he is proving himself he hopes that will bring more respect to recruits in the area

  • L.A. Life

    • What’s the best part about living in L.A.? “The weather,” Porter says. “In Seattle it’s always raining.”

  • Role Models

    • Top 5 players, in order: “James Harden. Kevin Durant. King James. Damian Lillard. Steph Curry.”