Jarrett Culver: Shot Form Assessment


Culver’s shooting mechanics, which have been overhauled since his freshman season, are not overly fluid but are for the most part mechanically sound. His base is consistently squared to the basket despite having a diverse shot profile. Combined with no elbow flare, guide hand or extension issues, this helps him produce elite side-to-side accuracy. On the other hand, his distance control is poor. This is exacerbated by an acute to very acute elbow angle and a wrist that is typically flexed. Interestingly, his results are actually better by a significant degree when his elbow angle and wrist are ‘worse’ mechanically. This is likely a combination of comfort level with that form and the fact that his high release point makes a flatter arc less problematic. Still, these may be areas of concern for him long term, along with a release that is not somewhat slow.