Jarrett Culver: Background

Background bullet points:

  • Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

    • Just Like: Craig Ehlo, Michael “Sugar” Ray Richardson, Mason Crosby, Texas Tech

  • Did you know?

    • Culver was the back-to-back Lone Star Varsity Player of the Year as a junior and senior

  • Fast Riser

    • Prior to his junior season in high school, no major conference school had made Culver a scholarship offer. By the start of his senior season he had offers from Baylor, Texas, TCU and his hometown Texas Tech. Ranked 261st in the Class of 2017, Culver is now a consensus lottery pick in the upcoming draft

  • Family Heights

    • Culver’s brother J.J. won two national titles as a track-and-field athlete, setting records in the high-jump

  • Ambidextrous

    • Culver is not only confident in his abilities at NBA 2k and FIFA, but he will take on any challengers on Playstation OR X-Box