Darius Garland: Background

Background bullet points:

  • Hometown: Gary, Indiana

    • JUST LIKE: The Jackson 5, Glenn Robinson, Glenn Robinson III

  • High School: Brentwood Academy (TN)

    • JUST LIKE: King Dunlap, Jalen Ramsey, Brandan Wright

  • Like Father…

    • Darius’ father is Winston Garland, a former NBA player with five franchises including the Golden State Warriors. He played from 1987-1995

  • Guy Named Tennessee

    • 3-time winner of Tennessee’s Mr. Basketball, awarded to the top high school player in the nation. Past winners include Penny Hardaway, Corey Brewer, Thaddeus Young and Cameron Payne

  • Call it a dynasty

    • Garland played four seasons at Brentwood Academy and won the state title all four times, tying the league record

  • Kids these days

    • Garland signed his first autograph as a seventh-grader for a fan at an AAU game. He wrote his name in print because he “was really bad at cursive.” He has since upped his autograph game

  • Close to home

    • Garland was recruited by all of the traditional college basketball blue bloods -- Kentucky, Duke, Indiana, Louisville and UCLA all made offers. But he chose to stay close to home in Tennessee and attend Vanderbilt

  • Mama Bear

    • Garland’s mother Felicia is a vocal supporter of her son at all sporting events. She gets so worked up that her husband jokingly referred to her as “Felicia Vitale Garland” after the legendary commentator. Her most common shout? “Bad call, stripes!” to chastise the referees.