Coby White: Off-Ball Offense

Our scouting grades represent the composite opinion of at least three different scouts. Each category is graded based on how we view a player’s current ability level relative to NBA players at the same position (guard, wing, forward or big). A grade of 1 indicates replacement level, a grade of 5 indicates NBA average, and a grade of 10 indicates historically elite. Our composite scouting notes help provide context for our grades.


Movement & positioning

This area of White’s game will depend a lot on coaching and context. When part of a designed action to free him up he proves to be a decent off-ball player, and when he races past a screen or pin-down to catch the ball he can stop on a dime and position himself for a catch-and-shoot jumper. On the other hand, when he is expected to improvise he tends to be relatively stagnant, not an active cutter or frequent relocator. When he is off-ball he positions himself as if his shooting ability is all the space he needs. On a team with other strong ball handlers developing his relocation and movement will go a long way toward success.



This has not been an area of his game we have seen much at the college level. His narrow frame limits his potential as a screener, but he understands timing and angles and is already comfortable in cross-screen situations. A creative coach at the next level could utilize him as the screener in pin downs and screen-the-screener actions. Overall, this will be a small part of his role at the next level if it is tapped into at all.


Shooting off the catch

This is one of White’s best skills; he is perhaps the most projectable off-the-catch shooter in the draft. He hops into his shots and elevates over the defense with a quick, compact release that forces defenders to stay close. He has elite distance control with a shooter’s touch, and while the arc on his shot is a little flat that has not seemed to harm his accuracy much. He has demonstrated range out to the NBA 3-point line already and shoots with confidence. When his feet are set he seemingly does not miss (1.34 PPP on catch-and-shoot jumpers per Synergy).


Shooting off movement

Given White’s speed and high-energy level this would seem to be an opportunity for him to add value to a team’s offense, but this aspect of his game remains largely undeveloped. While his shooting form and release are solid, he easily gets sped up and is unable to stop his momentum from affecting his shot. When moving at anything close to a sprint his feet are not always set nor is his body completely square, resulting in a ball that has a side spin upon release. This could be a way to get a handful of shots per game at the next level, but does not look like a major part of his projection moving forward.


Finishing off movement

While White is a decent finisher off of the dribble he struggles to finish off of movement. He is not an instinctual cutter, leading to limited opportunities to begin with. Additionally, his lack of vertical explosiveness combined with his slight frame prevent him from finishing efficiently against lengthy defenders on the interior.