Cam Reddish: Shot Form Assessment


Reddish has a smooth shooting motion with a quick release. His mechanics are solid; despite a wide variety of shot types and locations he is typically square to the basket, and when unable to square his feet or hips he still often manages to square up his shoulders. This leads to very impressive side-to-side accuracy. There are no issues with elbow flare, his guide hand or his extension. The two nagging issues are an elbow angle that ranges from acute to very acute and inconsistencies with his wrist. The elbow angle leads to a flatter arc on his shot, in effect making the basket narrower. Combined with the inconsistencies of his release, this has led to severe issues with distance control. He has had the most diversity in both shot type and location of any prospect we’ve evaluated to date. If he can work out his mechanical issues he has the potential to be a multi-faceted weapon from beyond the arc.