Bol Bol: Shot Form Assessment


Bol is an excellent shooter with clean mechanics for the most part. He does a great job squaring up to the basket, contributing to his high level side-to-side accuracy. His elbow angle is typically very acute when shooting off the catch and acute off the dribble. This leads to a flatter arc on his shot, but with his height and length this is less problematic than for smaller players. However, it did contribute on the few occasions where his shot was blocked. He has no issues with elbow flare, his guide hand or his extension. His wrist is typically flexed when shooting off the catch and soft when shooting off the dribble. One observation outside of the issues we track shot-by-shot is that his knees tend to move inward during his shooting motion, reducing the amount of power that is generated on the shot. This issue occurs most often when his foot spacing is wider than shoulder width, but still happens periodically with a narrower base.